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Do you have a lock problem?

The locksmith’s goal is to make sure you are satisfied with their


Here are a few locksmith tips on how to get the most out of a locksmith


Be sure that you really need a locksmith. Nearly all locksmiths charge a

 cancellation fee, if you cancel when the locksmith is already on his way to you.


Do your homework. Know what you want, try to identify the lock problems that need

to be solved, before you call the locksmith. The better you’re input, the easier it is for

the locksmith to provide you with the quotation. And don’t worry if you don’t know much

about locks, with the locksmiths experience and skills he should be able to gently and

professionally talk you through the issue.


Call with a detailed description of your lock problems. The locksmith should try to

 work out what needs to be done before we get there. Saving time & money.


The average call-out time is currently between 30-60 minutes. Many companies

mention arrival times of 15 minutes, just because that is what you’d like to hear. Rest

assured, the locksmith will not be there in 15 minutes.


If you need a locksmith at a specific time, don’t leave the booking to the last



If the locksmith isn’t there within 20mins of the agreed time, they should phone

you. A responsible locksmith will always try and respect a given time.


Unless you are experienced in the use of locksmiths, ask for a price. In most

cases, accurate prices or a price range can be given over the phone. It is not always

necessary for the locksmith to look at a lock before giving a price.


Compare the total cost, not just the call-out charge. The call-out charge is only a

part of the total cost, and the total cost is the one that matters.


Locksmiths with a low or no call-out charge could be more expensive overall.