St.Annes Key Centre

Locksmiths, Key cutting & Hardware


Do you know how many keys have been cut for your front door?

 The answer is probably.


 We stock our own selection of locks and keys of which only we can cut.


 The locks are designed to replace any original cylinder barrel.


Made to order.

Master key systems.

This is were you can have a number of different locks each individually unique with one overriding key which will open them all or you could even have sub master keys which will only open some and not others.

This system is useful in offices etc.

Keyed alike systems.

This is were all the locks can be operated by the same key.

Got french doors, 2 locks, 2 seperate keys. Don't know which fits which.

Why don't you change them. 2 locks and 1 key to fit both.